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Vie au bureau

Who are we?

You probably don't know us yet, so let us introduce ourselves: Abrege is a small startup based in Poitiers (yes, we know, it's dreamy)! 🤩
Founded in 2022 by Kacy Luzzardi, Abrege is a platform powered by your data, changing the way you work.
Kacy created this management platform to support his mother's business and those of his close friends in the restaurant industry during the health crisis.
Having become a real pillar for the teams, Abrege is expanding to make management simple and fast for everyone.
Vie au bureau

Our crew isn't complete yet. If you want to join our adventure, work in a good atmosphere and support entrepreneurs on a daily basis, feel free to visit our Careers @ Nonam website!

Our mission

Provide comprehensive tools so that today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurs can efficiently manage their business, make informed decisions and enable their employees to go further.
With Abrege, managing your business becomes child's play, freeing up valuable time for you. We prioritize simplicity, accessibility, and personalized support. Being your most loyal friend in the professional world is for us much more than a mere metaphor; it's our daily commitment.
We are responsive and close to you, attentive to your needs and values. With us, our teams support you and even know your first name. That's the least we can do, right?

Today's world challenges

We are aware of the environmental and social challenges looming, especially in the new technology sector and in the world at large.

These issues are of utmost importance to us, which is why we act every day in the interest of everyone: the planet and its inhabitants.

Abrege dedicates 7.5% of its annual budget in donations and sponsorship to cultural associations, anti-discrimination efforts, and invests in carbon removal technologies.

Our vision

At Abrege, our vision is clear: we want to revolutionize the way small, medium, and large businesses manage their activities on a daily basis. We strongly believe that managing a business should not be a source of stress, but rather an opportunity to focus on what really matters: its development and growth.
That's why we've created a complete management platform, designed to simplify administrative, accounting, customer loyalty tasks, and so much more, so that our users can spend more time on their core business
Whether you're a freelancer or a large company, Abrege is here to support you at every stage of your business management.

The Abrege Team


Kacy L.

CEO and Lead Dev.


Luka R.

Head of Sales


Julie H.

Comms. Officer


Imen C.

Admin. Assistant


Guillaume R.



Ben G.


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