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Default values are based on averages observed by Abrege, except for monthly transactions being a commonly used pivot value.


Here's what Abrege costs compared to competitors.

ServiceSubscriptionCommissionsAnnual Total
Abrege804€/year450€/year (0.75%)1254€/year
Your Data1272€/year600€/year (1.00%)1872€/year
SumUp948€/year1051€/year (1.75%)1999€/year
Square708€/year990€/year (1.65%)1698€/year
Up2Pay (Crédit Agricole)1980€/year1051€/year (1.75%)3030€/year

Compared on subscriptions that are closest to Abrege's features (such as Web Payment and card-based loyalty). Data from August 7, 2023.